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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So What Do Contractions Feel Like? My Birth Story

My Birth Story
After drinking the Augment Tea mentioned in my last blog, I began contractions around 4 am in the morning. These first contractions felt much like heavy period cramps which lasted for 45 seconds or so.
By 6 am, my Doula was over, to cope with me at home. I was still able to talk between each contraction, so it was an indicator to her that I was not dilated enough to go to the hospital. (4cm is the standard here).  By 7am, the midwife came to assess me and I was 3cm. After the assessment the contractions seemed stronger. I was now on my hands and knees to cope. Massages to the lower back helped throughout.   Finally by 8am, I pleaded to go to the hospital and threw on my jacket.
By the time I got to the hospital I was in active labor, pounding on the admittance table through my contractions as they look me up in their system.  While sitting in the assessment room, I begged and pleaded for the epidural, “Please can someone give me the Epidural, PLEASE!  PLEEEAAAASE!!”  The pain was intense and tears were streaming down my face.  Its hard to describe the feeling. The contractions start with a lower abdominal pain and works its way to the center of your uterus, squeezing the life out of you, literally....  The pain increases to a peak and then starts to subside. The break in between was 1 – 2 minutes,  sometimes it felt like only a few seconds and the next contraction would start again.  
They made me walk to my room, despite the fact I didn’t want to move at all. I suppose walking helped the baby drop lower in the pelvis and push against the cervix.  The walk to the Cedar room was LONG.
My eyes were completely closed the entire time, baring down on the rails on the way, screaming in the elevator and finally planted my face on the bed they assigned me. I dropped down on my knees and begged God to take the pain away! (I tend to do this 
Now shifting, to why the epidural was still not here yet, I started to accuse my doctor of lying to me and holding out on me so that my birth will be faster!!!  She reassured me that I would not be the person she’d hold out on and that the anaesthetist is on her way.  
Finally 11:30 am, the anaesthetist arrived with the epidural. She stood infront of me while my head was buried in my doulas shoulders and started to read the disclaimers. I said, “I don’t care, just give me the pen” and signed the damn thing.
Around 12pm,  the numbing took affect and my labour was a piece of Cake from then on. I felt NOTHING! It was great. I ate chocolate, prayed, texted my friends, all the while my contractions was getting stronger and stronger, opening up my cervix, larger and larger, and I felt NOTHINGJ
By 5:30, my doctor checked me and instructed me to push. 40 minutes later, my baby was out and on my chest staring at me in wonder and I stared back in awe and disbelief that he is really here, alive and well in my arms.  – Life is such a miracle. ! and all the pain in the world is worth it.

Here are My Two Cents:1) Get the Epidural ( it makes a huge difference )

2) Make sure to pack lots of juice boxes ( helped with pushing ) and snacks

3) Download the app "Full Term Labor" to time your contractions - It's Free!
4) Don't forget your camera and something nice for baby to wear the next day for photos

5) Remember to ask several nurses for the following items to take home with you:
    a) an extra pair of those funky sexy grandma underwear they give you
    b) nipple cream (you'll need this only if you are breasfeeding)
    c) pads (for bleeding)
    d) the Sitz Bath basin (to rinse and bath the stiched area if you have stitches)