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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm Pregnant Again!!!! - Pregnancy with Rheumatoid Arthritis

We finally went on a trip! Here's an updated photo of us 3 -

It feels like it's been so long, since being pregnant with Lucas.
Lucas is almost 2 and I'm pregnant AGAIN!!!  Soon we will have a picture of 4 of us!

So Girl or Boy? Well .....

I thought I wanted a boy, so that Lucas can have a brother, yet on the day I found it's a girl, I was and still am elated and happy! First and foremost like most parents, I think, as long as the baby is healthy then it's all good! Physically, I've noticed more nausea with this pregnancy than Lucas. Could it be the extra estrogen from having a girl? Also for a brief period, I craved spicy foods which is rare. I'm due February so will definitely post more until then.

Medication During Pregnancy
I'm taking Enbrel for the RA, but only on an as needed basis. Usually when I flare, I have to reflect back on either something I ate, or stress, or a combination of both. (most likely both).
For example, just the other day my LEFT wrist started to flare, which is very rare as my right wrist is the norm these days. I realized that I cheated on my gluten and egg free diet and had ate waffles and eggs, 2 days in a row. Plus, due to some major life changes, I couldn't sleep, and was extremely tired. All this resulted in the flare up. I took Enbrel and the flare went away in days. (For those reading about taking Enbrel while pregnant and are interested in the research I've personally done, please see my post: Is Enbrel Safe While Pregnant?)
RA in Remission during Pregnancy?
Most Rheumatologists say, that the RA activity will go into Remission during pregnancy and then comes back with vengeance. For Lucas, this was quasi true. I didn't experience much remission until later in my third tri-mester near the end. As for this pregnancy, I'm 5 months now and still no remission. My wrist are constantly sore,but I am not taking Enbrel as frequently (should be once a week). So far my ultra sound shows nothing abnormal or to be concerned about.
I'll definitely keep posting...  Stay tuned...
Thanks for Reading and I would love to read about other mommies' with RA experiences...