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Monday, November 29, 2010

40 Weeks Plus 5 Days Overdue - Still Waiting for Baby

Well I am 5 days now past my due date. I've tried bouncing on a yoga ball, eating 2 pinapples, eating spicy food, as well as having a glass of red wine as recommended by my doctor to relax. Results? - Still no labor.

Yet I was assured today by my doctor that my body is completely normal.  I learnt that only 5% of women actually have their babies on their due date and 50% of women having first babies are past due.  The hospital would not even consider inducing me unless I was at least 10 days over due and even then, others may take priority based on medical circumstances.

Speaking with my own family members, I myself was 7 days over due @ 10 pounds and my father was 1 month over due @ 7 pounds.  Regardless, I do sympathize with all other women who are waiting because its not a pleasent process.

The doctor did check my cervix today and peformed "the sweep"
Results = Cervix is dropping, not dilated, and needs to ripen more. She did a partial sweep, quickly separating the membrane at the end of the cervix. It was not painful, but very uncomfortable.
We talked about possibility of inducement; however she warned me that it may not be wise to induce labor, before my cervix is open or "ripened". 

Her recommendations to naturally ripen the cervix includes:
1. Sex (apparently semen helps ripen the cervix) -
2. Augment Tea
3. More walking so baby will drop lower

Here is the Recipe for the Augment Tea

5 Drops of Verbena Oil
1 Medium Cinnamon Stick
10 Cloves
1 - 2 cm of Ginger Root finely sliced

Combined all except Verbena Oil and simmer in a liter of water for 10 minutes.
Remove from heat and add 5 drops of Verbena Oil
Let sit for 10 minutes
Sip until finished

I just finished preparing the tea and drank the entire litre! Please stay tuned....

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  1. FYI the tea worked! I drank the tea before bed around 9pm and woke up at 3am with contractions! Read my next post about the events after