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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mommy Tips & Lessons from My Child

I often reflect on how being a mom has changed me and enriched my life and thought it would be good to share this today.

1. Respect & Love - In order to teach your child to respect and love himself and others; you must respect and love yourself. There are times for selfless sacrifices; but just remember, you need to be healthly to take care of your child. So take time out for mommy to rejeuvenate, self care, and relax.

2. Express! - Notice how children express their feelings with no hesitation. They cry when something bothers them, and laugh easily at simple amusements. They find joy in almost everything around them. It's important to notice and express your feelings in a healthy way and explore what brings you joy (one of mine is writing).

3. Don't Be Shy! - When my son sees children, he goes right up to them and joins in on what they are doing whether it be eating or playing. He is not shy at all and there is no hint of our common "fear of rejection".  The children too are welcoming and accepting! The more the merrier!
As adults, we have lost this hospitality and beleive its socially awkward. We can learn alot about community, love, acceptance and playfulness watching children interact with each other.

4. Forgive Quickly - One minute Lucas is mad that I took away his toy and the next minute he is kissing me on the cheek. Children express their discontentment right away, maybe throw a fit, and then they are ok! We as adults have somehow learned to bury our discontentment so deep that it becomes resentment and we hold grudges for who knows how long. Perhaps children forgive quickly aslo due to their short-term memory, but regardless there is a freedom when we forgive.

5. Unconditional Love - I love my son no matter what he does or doesn't do, no matter how naughty he can be, or perhaps behave like an angel, regardless, he is my son and I LOVE HIM UNCONDITIONALLY.  Do I offer this same kind of love to myself? Am I quick to say I hate myself when I ".........".  Being a mom has given me the capacity to love unconditionally and my child is teaching me how to extend this not only to him but myself and others.

6. Love our Bodies! - Children are amused at every inch of their bodies. They love their little toes, kiss themselves in the mirror and will not say or think "oh my arms are too big, or tummy to fat". No, children LOVE their bodies, the way it looks and the way it moves, everthing about it.

7. Be Curious - Children are so curious of everything around them and love to explore! Lets not loose that child like curiosity when we become adults. Our lives is a life time of learning, loving, living, and laughing.