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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Does Quitting Religion Look Like?

So it's been a couple month's since my last post and also my last visit to a church.

It's funny how people are concerned about my church attendance. I suppose it's from good intentions and because they care, but frankly, I really prefer not to be monitored.

It's a crucial time, especially with the launch of El-Shaddai's Library and here I am wanting to quit being religious. Perhaps I've gone astray? Being too liberal?  ....

God reminded me today the purpose of the book store!  I went into the public library to borrow books on business plans and parenting. As I browsed the cataloque, I jotted down some call numbers. One of the numbers I jotted down (which was suppose to be either parenting or business plans), lead me to this book! 



Our world is so broken, so numb, so lofty, we forget about our wounds. Layers are healed over, but the wounds still lie raw beneath.  Many people who have experienced trauma, like myself, reach out in silence to self help books. I dream that El-Shaddai's will be a place for people to reach out to and feel welcomed, not judged, totally accepted and free to borrow books, videos, or music to enrich their healing journey.

Sure it's Christian materials, I too felt like I couldn't trust Christian views on certain topics, like verbal abuse. I thought Christian authors would tell me to turn the other cheek and take it, forgive, yadi yadi yadi...   But on Sunday, (yes, I skipped church), the alarm to El-Shaddai's went off. Someone opened the front door. So I drove down to see if we had someone break in. Well good news, nothing was stolen, just the door was unlocked. 

"Ok, here I am God! You obviously called me"  - browsing the shelves, i found a book on verbal abuse. (I've been looking for one and found none, not even in the public library).  -  and guess what? It's amazing!  Really, sound practical solutions. This book is giving me strength to stand firm, to know my worth, to NOT be a door mat!   -

I dont' know how I ended up here - my blog was suppose to be about quitting Religion.

Perhaps this is how it looks like?