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Friday, February 15, 2019

Advice I wish Someone Told Me in My Twenties / 20s

1. Take Care of Your Health! - In our 20s, we are resilient, recognizing that we have somewhat decreased our stamina from our teens, but still resilient with energy to play hard and work hard!  However be cautious that common illnesses are later manifested from how we take care of ourselves earlier, such as the foods we eat, the environment, how much sleep we get, stress and how hard we push ourselves to play, study and work.

"In our 20s, we gather wealth at the expense of our health, and in our 50s we spend our wealth to attempt to buy back our health"

So take care of your self TODAY!

2. Buy Life Insurance & Critical Illness Insurance - 
What LIFE INSURANCE? I'm in my 20s ! I'm not invisible? You want to take advantage and lock into a cheap low premium for a PERMANENT plan. That is not a plan with rising costs as you age. If you do this early enough, I am sure you will thank me, when you are in your 30s carrying a mortgage, or as the primary income earner while caring for a young family. Hoping that you live beyond that, at your latter years of retirement, having a cheap permanent plan also serves well for passing on tax free inheritance to your loved ones.

3. Wear Sunscreen and Don't Forget the Neck and Forehead
We seldom care for our skin when it's in good condition, and spend more later trying to recover the neglect from earlier years. I tell you, wear sun screen, on your face and don't forget the forehead and neck.

4. Put Your Family First and Don't Take Them for Granted
As we think we are invisible in our 20s, we also think our family members are too; however life is fragile. Spend time with your family more and cherish them while they are still here.

5. Invest and Take Time to Heal 
Why spend the money later trying to recover the neglect to our bodies, buy your vitamins now, take them. Listen to your body. If you are tired, sleep, if you are hungry, eat. We tend to push ourselves too hard in our 20s, thinking we can both play hard, and work hard.

6. Be Confident and Stay Humble 
It takes years to be confident in your own skin, knowing both your strengths and your weaknesses.
Take head to stay humble, yet know that you are capable of much. It's not a race against others, but a journey to know thyself and to function out of your unique strengths.

7. Be Patient With Yourself and Enjoy the Journey
You matter, and can make a difference. Take calculated risks and never be shy to fail.
When we fail, we learn, and when we learn, we grow.