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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Product Review: Vichy Nutrilogie Baume - LOVE IT

I first bought this Vichy Nutrilogie Baume on sale at Shoppers for something like $22.99 and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! 

The cream at first seemed thick to the touch and too rich by appearance, yet my skin just soaked it up and both felt and looked great afterwards!! I go through 1 jar 1 month and am on my third jar (picking up whatever stock is left at Shoppers). The best test whether a cream is too rich for me is whether I break out and I have not so far after 3 months! My skin truly feels more moist and supple and not greasy like some creams. The scent is light and sweet and I highly recommend this. For me I use it as a daily moisterizer :)

Great price, great quality, great value.

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