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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Product Review: Hydroxatone & Bellaplex - Risk Free Trial?

Product Review: Hydroxatone & Bellaplex

I came across an online ad for Hydroxatone - risk free trial for 30 days and only pay $1.99 shipping. The online reviews sounded fabulous except for a few which warned that it was a scam. Well, some said it's better than botox so I had to try it for myself.

Here's my experience and hopefully this can help someone else who is on the border line of trying out this so called "risk free" trial.

Cost Upon Arrival:
 I ordered the trial for Hydroxatone and Bella plex. Both came separately and I had to pay roughly $30 each for duties, so $60 in total. What a terrible start.

One of the Bellaplex pump was broken so I had to dip my finger in the container to try. I didn't like the texture or the smell. The cream seemed to just sit on my skin and didn't work for me.

Hydroxatone on the other hand worked really well at first. My skin soaked it up immediately.
It didn't get rid of lines like some of the reviews claimed, however, it did make my skin feel soft, moist, and supple. I continued to use this for about a month. After a while I did find that my skin was breaking out and since then I've stopped.

I called the customer service line from my cell phone and I kept getting someone hang up on me. So I called from another number and reached a service agent. He was very helpful and gave me a return number for the Bellaplex. He talked me into keeping the 2 jars of Hydroxatone for a fee of $59 which since I liked the product and would have to pay $30 to ship it back anyways, I'd go for it.

As directed I packaged and shipped the jars back with the return number provided and thought it was the end of it.

More Billing:
Their accounting department must be really messed up because I started seeing monthly charges on my bill for the autoship program. It was very frustrating to see this on my bill; however when I did call in to complain, they did rectify it by returning the funds to my card.

Bottom Line:
Bellaplex didnt' work for me. Hydroxatone is good, but not like botox as it claims. As a daily regime, Hydroxatone is very rich for me and I started to break out.  Do expect to pay duties! I was extremely disappointed about this as I purchased a trial product.  Further more, don't be surprised if there are billing errors and that you are still billed after you return the product. They did however, refund me the over charges.