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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6 - Month Baby Lucas Update

So Lucas is actually 7 months now, but I previously wrote that I will give an update at 6 months, so here are his stats first:

Weight:                   17.3 pounds (50% percentile)
Height:                    70cm (75% percentile)
Head:                      I forgot but it was (50% percentile)


Besides  a slight fever after his 3 month's vaccines, Lucas has not been sick at all. (As a mom I worry and I wonder whether it's because his immune system is on over drive like mine. Gosh, here I am worrying if he is sick and worrying if he's not sick). He does have eczema though behind his knees, elbows and ears and we use California Babies Calendula cream - Always sold out at Target! (US only)
Hydrocortizone seems to work too, but we prefer to use something more natural.


Lucas started organic rice cereal at 4 months. Then at 6 months we introduced congee -
He LOVES the chicken congee that his grandmother makes. He doesn't like oatmeal, or any of the jar baby foods, except for the fruits and vegtables. Likely schedule:

7:00 am - breast milk
9:00 am - 1/2 bowl (chinese rice bowl) congee mixed with rice cereal PLUS
1/4 bowl wheat, strawberry yogurt cereal
10:00 am - breast milk
12:00 am - 1/4 to 1/2 bowl of congee
2:00 pm - breast milk
4:00 pm - cracker / fruit snack / offer milk
6:00 pm - 1/2 bowl of congee / offer milk
9:00 pm  - breastmilk

I'm currently making congee every 2 days for this little guy. Basically boil rice, with organic vegtables (carrots / zuccini / spinich / yam) and chicken. Then grind up the larger chunks in magic bullet, mix and store in fridge.


Lucas sleeps in his crib, but wakes up throughout the night.Usually once at midnight, then 2am, then 5am and 7am. I nurse him back to sleep and sleep myself each time.


Lucas likes to growl and can get agressive when he is determined or fixated on an item within his reach. Perhaps this is why he has pushed himself up to sitting, rolled over to his target object, and tries to crawl ( I call it the swimming position).

However as I'm typing today, Lucas is actually 7 months and he has started crawling now to his destination!!!

He is a happy baby most of the time :) Very easily amused with peekaboo, sing song noises and/or funny faces. For an immediate giggle, bring him to look at himself in a mirror:) On the bus, he tends to scrunch his  eyebrows at people with a look of "who the heck are you?" and if he is tired on top of that, he just stares - LOL Some people call him a deep thinker.   Most of the time, when people smile at him, he flashes a smile right back. From my observation, Lucas is extroverted - He loves being around people and other children and will kick his legs in excitement and giggle.


We celebrated our first father's day this year! I use to be sad on father's day as I reflect on my fatherless years. 

However, this year, I am truly blessed to have celebrated father's day with Maurice and Lucas! Plus I connected with my biological father in HK. From this year forward I will look forward to father's day:)

Enbrel & Breastfeeding
I'm currently injecting Enbrel twice a month since I've cut out the list of allergic foods from my diet.
Cutting out certain foods seem to be helping (excpet I had a beer a couple days ago without realizing that it is made from wheat) and my wrist swelled up till now.  Any how, Enbrel does not seem to have compromised Lucas's immune system and he seems to be doing well. The rheumatologist had said that Enbrel is a protein anyways and if ingested will just breakdown and pass through his body without affecting him.

Well thanks for reading! I'll provide an update soon re: Naturalpath and healing of RA