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Friday, January 28, 2011

Love for my Son

The follow are a few questions I've been asked by friends.

 "So how did you feel when you first saw your son? was it LOVE at first sight?"

Well its hard to explain; As a woman, I had 9 months to fall in love with my child within me before he was even born. At first sight, I was so happy to finally see his face, most important of all, I was relieved to know that he has arrived safely.

 "If someone pointed a gun to your husband and to your son, who would you choose?"

That is a tough one. As I imagined the situation, it deeply grieved me. I would rather die so that the people I love deeply may live, so shoot me instead.  - As I thought about this, John 3:16 started to sort of make more sense. Jesus, God himself came to earth to die, so that the children he loves so dearly may live.
God sacrificed himself.

"Is it true that you forget about the pain?"

No, not for me. The pain was and still remember it to be INTENSE! It hurt like a B!@#%!%#%tch
However, if I were to do it all over again, I would be most willing to! This great bundle of joy is really worth the pain! 

"So how do you feel? Do you have the Baby Blues?"

Honestly no, not at all! Perhaps not yet. I hear it can hit women later. For now I've been so excited and happy to be a mommy. I do get however over emotional and have caught my self crying a few times being overwhelmed by the grace & love of God to seriously give me a child. (If you know me well, you would know what I mean).


  1. Well Jo I don't know you really well but I do understand your comments. The Lord blessed me with 3 amazing children so when you say that you are overwhelmed with the grace & love of God to give you a child, I UNDERSTAND. He truly is LOVE.

  2. Many congratulations Josephreen and Maurice on the birth of your beautiful son Lucas. I'm praying for you,Love Heather