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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 Month Baby Lucas Schedule

Lucas is almost 6 months old and I feel like I still don't have a routine / schedule.
So I tried to document my last 2 days to find a similar rythem- here goes:

Tuesday - Schedule (Good Day)
6:45 am wake up, change diaper.
6;50 am play
7:05 am feed
7:20 am lay in bed w mommy
7:30 am sit in saucer
7:45 am nap
9:40 amwake up sit saucer
10:00 am eat cereal
10:40 am play
11:15 am feed
11:30 am do laundry w mommy
12:00 pm play mat
12:15 pm feed
12:22 pm nap
12:45 pm move laundry to dryer w mom
1:20 pm diaper change
1:20 pm walk to bank
2:50 pm feed
3:00 pm walk back
3:15 pm nap (mommy do chores)
4:35 pm wake up, change diaper
4:40 pm feed
4:55 pm watch daddy play video
5:15 pm eat cereal little bit
6:00 pm swimming (mommy can work out)
6:3o pm shower change diaper
7:20 pm feed
7:30 pm change poo poo diaper n clothes
7:40 pm quick shower
7:45 pm feed
8:00 pm nap
10:00 pm feed bit, change diaper
10:20 pm saucer
10:30 pm feed bit and sleep
2:00 am feed
4:00 am feed
5:00 am feed

Wednesday - Schedule Tiring and Frustrating Day

7:25 am wake up, change diaper
7:35 am feed a bit
7:40 am saucer
8:00 am feed then nap
10:00 am wake up and feed
10:10 am Play
10:30 am ate bit cereal
11:00 am play in crib
11:20 am feed
11:30 am sit in saucer getting fussy
12:00 pm lay with mommy in bed try to sleep (no)
12:10 pm play mat (fussy)
12:20 pm crib (fussy)
12:30 pm nap
1:00 pm wake up, feed
1:15 pm saucer
1:30 pm playmat
2:00 pm short walk to get mommy coffee
3:00 pm saucer
3;05 pm short feed
3:10 pm play on mommy's lap
3:20 pm play on futon mat, video rollover n giggles
3:40 pm feed
3:45 pm nap while mommy folds laundry
4:15 pm wake up help mommy archive clothes that are too small - (fussy)
5:00 pm refuse cereal
5:15 pm in crib (fussy)
5:25 play w daddy!!! - mommy goes for 1/2 walk
6:30 pm feed
6:40 pm nap
7:00 pm wakup, watch mommy cook
7:45 pm refuse breast, too bottle
8:00 pm in crib fussy
8:15 pm took rest of bottle
8:30 pm nap
9:30 pm wake up n cuddle
10:00 pm sleep

I'm posting this at 10:30 pm now, so will update to see if there is a pattern with night wakings and feeding times.

Phew I feel pooped and I want 4 kids. Wow!

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