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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Faith911 - Missions Fest

My gamer name is Faith911 since way back when and I never would have considered myself shaken in faith in any way. Frankly I may have had too much faith that lead me to do radical things that didnt make sense such as leaving a secured accounting position for the bookstore venture, or emptying my RRSPs to live on an island of 500 to study Gods word, but the truth is if its MY faith then their is NO faith!

MY faith is now shaken! I look around at the suffering, hear stories of children being sold, sexually abused and exploited, illnesses and more! Where are you God? How can you love such monsters? What's the point of being a "Christian", so I can say and do nice things, act joyful and sing praises?

But these 3 days I've been at a conference called Missions Fest and I've been truly Inspired! Over 100 organizations and charities all under one roof to share what God is doing in their ministry to the orphans, the ill, the dying, the abused, the untouchables, the hungry and the poor.

Each booth represented Gods comfort, healing
And love! There is Hope! There is a
Reason to believe!

As I reflect on my own booth there I realize that yes, the bookstore helps w nurturing the souls of Gods army to know him more and his heart! We help spur these people on!

I hope people can recognize me as a Christian for not what I say, the crosses I wear, or the fish on my bumper. (by the way I took all these thins off!) but by me just being me, as a child of An almighty maker.

Forever I think my faith will be rocky here and there! I pray that God gives me more faith in Him and whoever is reading this too:)

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