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Sunday, February 3, 2013

40 Weeks Pregnant Plus 2 Days - Verbena Augment Tea Natural Labor Inducement

So I had ANOTHER membrane sweep done a couple days ago and still NO Baby Yet!

I did however feel regular braxton hicks contractions from 4am to 6am last night every 10 minutes though.  I ended up sleeping as the tightening in my tummy was not painful at all and woke up the next day with no further progress; except for the continuous loss of my mucus plug. 

For people who wonder how a mucus or part of mucus plug looks like, I recommend googling the image. You can see for yourself.

So here I am 2am, at 40 weeks plus 2 days, contemplating whether I should make the Augment Tea that I drank last time with Lucas and absolutely worked!  See:

I would be using the same bottle of verbena oil and the shelf life as I've read online is about 3 years, so we are cutting it close. It may not work at all or it may? Are we really ready?

Well, I'm going to decide and keep you posted if I do prepare this and drink it and if it works again, then this "Tea" is golden!


Feb 4th Update - 40 weeks plus 3 days

So I did prepare the Verbena Labor Induction Cocktail however this time I stuck with the recipe to the T! I mean it said only 5 Drops of verbena oil, so this time only 5 Drops!  If you read my blog from Lucas's birth, I was both eager and skeptical of this cocktail, so I probably put 10 drops in my brew and ended up with crazy contractions that were one after the other.  OOOOWWWWW!!!

I drank a dose this morning at 11am, and right after put me to sleep for an hour. No contractions, or signs of labor by 7pm, so I made another dose and drank that. Again, it put me right out for another nap.  It is now 12am and I'm brewing yet another batch.  I wonder why this time it is taking much longer? I am using the same bottle of verbena oil, so maybe the potency has decreased? Anyhoo, I'm sticking with 5 drops and if I don't labor, well at least it relaxes me enough to put me to sleep tonight.  I will keep you posted! Thanks for reading. (Click on link above for the recipe if you are interested).

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