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Friday, March 25, 2016

Living with RA for over a Decade - Update

It's certainly been a long while since I've posted. In fact, I de-listed this blog for over a year due to hmmm... shame.  I was shameful that perhaps my potential employers would find out that I have been living with RA and preference would be given to more healthier candidates if they found my blog.

Well, the truth is - It's been over a DECADE and I'm fine ~  In fact, I'm proud.
Through this journey I've had 2 kids, am an accountant with steady employment, and volunteer to advocate for a very vulnerable sector in my community. So.. what's there to be ashamed I tell myself and am writing again tonight.

Update on RA
I've learnt that Enbrel is my best friend. It has done me no apparent harm so far and has allowed me to function and do the things I love. Though I can still find myself researching on the possible damage this drug can do, it works for me today, and has been for over a decade. So... why scare myself when I can just be at peace knowing it's the right drug that works for me.  I haven't given up on a cure though and do believe our bodies can cure itself with the right combination of diet, exercise, frame of mind, and faith. However, its easier said than done. I must admit, other priorities such as my children have taken away from my own search for this wonder cure.

RA Remission 
What I find fascinating is that my RA symptoms went away during 2 events in my life:
1. During Pregnancy
2. During Stomach Flu

During these times, I chose not to take Enbrel when due, and normally, if I miss a dose, I start feeling sore. However, both during majority of my pregnancy and other times during the stomach flu, a missed dose didn't end up with any flare ups. Its as if my anitbodies were doing what they were meant to do. Fight the flu, and subside to protect the baby. This gives me hope that my anti-bodies do know what they are doing.

Update on Kids 
If you've read my prior posts, you would know that I had conceived both of my children while on Enbrel. My kids are 5 and 3 years old this year and both are healthy.  My eldest does show more allergies than my youngest and the obvious difference I found was that I ate whatever I wanted with my second and was very cautious with my first.  - interesting....

That's it for now folks - Will write more next time. :) Keeping Shining Everyone.


  1. Thanks for posting and for the inspiration!

    1. thanks Jeanne - I wasn't sure if I still had any readers since I took this blog off the web. Your words give me a reason to keep writing. Bless You Jeanne