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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 AM - Leaking Fluid with Blood - No Contractions Yet

So obviously the Augment Tea mentioned in my previous blog works.
The main ingredient is the Verbena Oil (pure essential oil) and it is suppose to help with producing hormones to ripen the cervix, causing it to shorten and dialate.

The aroma also helped relaxed my body and made me sleepy. As I was getting ready for bed, I asked my husband to massage my back. After he was done, I shuffled a bit and a small amount of fluid leaked out. I started to walk downstairs and noticed that more leaked out. The fluid is clear and thick.  As I walked down the stairs to the bathroom, the fluid continued to trickle and it was mixed with blood.
"is this my water breaking?" or "is this my mucas plug?".
It is my first baby so I have no idea. Thankfully, there is a 24 hour on call care provider line. After speaking with a rep, she advised me that it sounds like my mucas plug; however it could also be a rupture in my amniotic sac aka water leaking.  My GBS test was negative, so it is safe in my case if my water broke. However if you have tested GBS positive; it is wise to get treatment asap and head to the hospital.
For more info on GBS:

She recommended that I get some sleep and call either her or my doula again once I feel strong contractions. Every women is different and it can be either in hours or even days. "What's considered a strong contractions?" She assured me that I will KNOW if I had a strong contraction. Currently I am experiencing mild cramps very similar to menstrual cramps.

I'm too excited to sleep. Instead, I double checked and packed a few more things in my hospital bag and now I'm blogging to document this for myself and share this with others who may be going through this in the future. After this entry, I'll probably pray myself to sleep. LOL.

:) Lucas will be arriving soon !!!

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